Past Kittens

Below are some of the kittens who have been adopted.

Cancoonz Oregon (Belle) at her new home
with my mum in Rugeley, Staffordshire
aged 4 months

Cancoonz Indiana (Harry) at his new home with his new friend aged 4 months.

Cancoonz Michigan (Attilla) aged 4 months in his new home

Cancoonz Arizona (Ari) going for a walk aged 8 months

Cancoonz Sulaco (Hector) aged 5 months-
December 2012

Cancoonz Prometheus 'Blu' aged 6 months

Cancoonz Nostromos 'Stitch' aged 6 months

February 2013

Blu aged 18 months

October 2013

Attilla aged two

October 2013

Batman (Cancoonz Batman) and
Robin (Cancoonz Black Widow) in their new home

September 2013

Lollie (Cancoonz Hawkeye) in her new home

October 2013

Mort (Cancoonz Thor) and his buddy Dexter

October 2013

Tony (Cancoonz Ironman) in his new home

October 2013

Frank aged one January 2015 (Cancoonz Legolas)

Berry's first Christmas (Cancoonz Blackberry Cheesecake) 2014

Bear (Cancoonz Nyota) December 2014 aged one year

Enzo's (Cancoonz Celeborn) first birthday, January 2015

Cromwell (Cancoonz Elrond) January 2015 aged one

Frankie (Cancoonz Piri Piri) and Tilly (Cancoonz Black Zircon) December 2014

Mort (Cancoonz Thor) nearly two, December 2014