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Name:          Hamshill Silver Fox
D.O.B:          20th August 2010
Pet Name:    Gizmo
Colour:         Classic Silver Tabby
Parents:       Jiloc Pasamaquadibrave (father)
                    Hamshill Silver Mystic (mother)

Thank you Hamshill for our lovely girl.

Gizmo aged 8 months

Gizmo and her best mate custard!

Gizmo and Pickle
March 2012

August 2012- This month Gizmo will be 2 years old, where has that time gone!

October 2012

January 2013

April 2013

September 2013
Gizmo is now 3!

November 2013

Gizmo is our neuter girl.  She came to us after sadly our first Maine Coon girl Stitch died.  She is quite a nervous cat until she gets to know you.
  She is very loving and has a loud purr.  She likes to get in the bed with you under the quilt.  She is very nosy though and always likes to know what is going on, so have a look at Gizmo's News for her latest updates.

Personality: Gizmo is a rather eccentric and crazy but loveable cat. She loves to play but doesn't like people watching so if she knows you've seen her she will stop unless it is with a catnip toy and then she can't help herself. She loves to race around and will often chase up and downs the stairs and in and out of rooms for no reason! She does have some odd behaviors such as collecting hairbands which she picks up in her teeth and carries for and dumps in her biscuit dish. She also loves a fuss (on her own terms of course!) and will get in the bed with you and pad for ages but when she does she has to rest her nose on you! She has a phobia about quilts though and so will get in bed with you on the sheet but refuses to step on the quilt.  She also has a very loud meow for a Maine Coon and certainly knows how to use it especially at dinner time!  She enjoys playing with water and likes to sit in the sink and flick water everywhere.

Favourite toy: She collects hairbands and silver balls. She also loves ribbons especially if they are pink and she also has a manky crinkly blue heart which she likes to sniff

Likes: Running! She also loves cheese

Dislikes: Loud noises, the letterbox which she growls at and noises outside which she also growls at

Friends: Her best friends are Custard, Chilli, Pickle and herself! She also loves it when there are kittens to play with

Enemies: Tigger, Tully and Tekkers