Currently we have one male and one female neuter.


Pet Name: Custard
DOB:  26th April 2003
Colour:  Red Tabby and White

Other info:  Custard was our first ever Maine Coon and he was what got us interested in the breed.  Until we had him we had never heard of the breed.  But we fell in love with his clown like personality.  He is very much a dog of the cat world.  He is a gentle giant, and weighs around 10kg!

Hamshill Silver Fox

Pet Name:  Gizmo
DOB:  20th August 2010
Colour:  Classic Silver Tabby

Other info:  Gizmo is the star of our family.  She is a stunning cat with beautiful markings and a massive bushy tail.  She would have made a wonderful show cat but unfortunately she has a nervous personality and therefore it would not be fair to stress her out.  For the same reason we decided she would not suit being a mother.  However she is a very loving girl (on her own terms!) and enjoys getting into bed with you.  She likes to play and gets on with the other cats.  Her favourite toys are ribbons and shoelaces.
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