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Cancoonz Solaco

DOB:                14th July 2012
Parents:          Koonskau Tullamore Dew (Mother)- Brown Tabby with White
                       Kassaro Obberon (Father)- Blue Solid
Colour:           Brown Tabby with White
Gender:          Male
Pet Name:      Hector

Hector is an adorable little boy.  He is very pretty with a lovely face, big ears and white whiskers.  He loves to play although he is sometimes a bit shy.  He loves climbing, especially the cat tree and likes to jump off. 

Hector with his brothers and
sister soon after birth

Hector at almost 2 weeks old,
already confidently getting to his feet

2 weeks old and eyes fully wide

4 weeks old and looking lovely
with little white socks and bib

5 weeks old and a cheeky little boy

6 Weeks old and getting really fluffy

Looking like a mini version
of his mum at 8 weeks old!

Hector aged 9 weeks after his first injections

Aged 11 weeks

Hector aged 13 weeks, look at those beautiful eyes!

Aged 5 months in his new home

Aged 1 year

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