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Cancoonz Prometheus

DOB:           14th July 2012
Parents:      Koonskau Tullamore Dew (Mother)- Brown Tabby and White
                   Kassaro Obberon (Father)- Blue Solid
Colour:       Blue Solid
Gender:      Female
Pet Name:  Blue

Little Blue is a sweet little baby.  She looks at you with her big eyes and as soon as you sit down she climbs on your lap.  But don't be fooled, she is also a crazy girl and loves chasing with her brothers, running and climbing.

Blue with her brothers soon after birth

Blue aged 1 week with
her eyes just opening

Aged 4 weeks and looking very pretty

Aged 5 weeks and getting very fluffy,
she loves lying in boxes!

Aged 6 weeks old and Blue is
getting lovely lynx tips on her ears

Blue aged 8 weeks and having a nap!

Aged 9 weeks, after her first injections

Aged 11 weeks

Aged 13 weeks and growing into
a beautiful cat like her sister Belle

Now 5 months old in her new home-
 what a beauty (Dec 2012)

Blu aged 6 months- Jan 2013
Look at her amazing tail!

Blu aged 12 months

Aged 18 months