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Lion King 2 litter

We have kittens from Koonskau New Jersey Devil (Nala) and Kassaro Obberon.

D.O.B.: 20th June 2013

If you are interested in one of our kittens please email or call 07805 757839 for more details.

Cancoonz Mufasa- Red Silver Tabby (Male)        Adopted

Cancoonz Sarabi-  Black Tortie (Female)            Adopted

Cancoonz Nuka-    Red Tabby (Male)                 Adopted

Cancoonz Vitani-   Blue Tortie (Female)             Adopted

Cancoonz Mufasa

Red Silver Tabby


Cancoonz Sarabi

Black Tortie


Cancoonz Nuka

Red Tabby


Cancoonz Vitani

Black Tortie