Here you can find details of past litters and any kittens we have available.  If you are interested in purchasing a kitten then contact us either by emailing or calling 07805 757839

Kittens are all born from active registered parents and certificates are available on request to view.

All our kittens are sold non active, not for breeding unless this has been discussed and agreed with us first.  Active queen price will be different. Kittens are vet checked three times including on the day of collection.

Kittens come with a kitten care pack including:

  • vaccination record (fully vaccinated including FELV)
  • Royal Canin kitten food 36
  • James Wellbeloved Kitten Turkey and Rice or fish
  • toys
  • selection of other food
  • four or five generation certified pedigree
  • wormed and flea treated
  • lots of useful information
  • 4 weeks free Pet Plan insurance
  • pet registration if this has been requested

All kittens leave us well socialised, litter trained, used to people and animals and lots of love!  All our kittens are from HCM N/N lines.  They are vet checked at least twice including being checked for hip problems.  We welcome visitors and urge you to visit as soon as possible to make your selection.  We also provide lifetime aftercare, so any problems or concerns let us know.  Also if for any reason you cannot keep your kitten/cat we will welcome them back at any time.

Available-                 this kitten is for sale
Option-                    someone has shown an interest in this kitten
Reserved-                 a deposit has been paid
Breeder Assessment-  this kitten is under observation to assess colour but you are welcome to enquire
Adopted-                  this kitten has gone to their new family

Current Litters

We have kittens!  Born to Rhubarb (Cancoonz Cayenne) on December 22nd December 2017.

Previous Litters

Mother:        Cancoonz Cayenne
Father:         Rockoon Brownville Bear

DOB:            29th December 2016

Blueberry Crumble

Mother:            Cancoonz Two Face
Father:            Kassaro Barack

DOB:                15th September 2015

Mother:        Cancoonz Kiara
Father:         Kassaro Barack
D.O.B.:        2nd July 2015

Mother:       Koonskau Calgary Flame (Chilli)
Father:        Kassaro Barack (Barack)
D.O.B.:        12th February 2015

American Rock

Mother:        Koonskau Tullamore Dew (Tully)
Father:         Kassaro Barack (Barack)
D.O.B.:         17th December 2014

Mother:   Cancoonz Georgia (Pickle)
Father:    Kassaro Barack (Barack)
D.O.B.:    12th August 2014

Mother:   Koonskau Calgary Flame (Chilli)
Father:    Kassaro Barack (Barack)
D.O.B.:    13th May 2014

Mother:    Koonskau New Jersey Devil (Nala)
Father:    Kassaro Barack (Barack)
D.O.B.:    1st April 2014

Mother:  Cancoonz Cayenne (Rhubarb)
Father:   Kassaro Barack (Barack)
D.O.B.:   17th March 2014

Mother:  Koonskau Tullamore Dew (Tully)
Father:   Kassaro Barack (Barack)
D.O.B.:   15th January 2014

Mother:   Cancoonz Kiara (Kiara)
Father:    Kassaro Barack (Barack)
D.O.B.:    15th January 2014

Mother:    Koonskau New Jersey Devil (Nala)
Father:    Kassaro Obberon (of Koonskau)
D.O.B:     20th June 2013

Mother:  Koonskau Calgary Flame (Chilli)
Father:  Koonskau Golden Gate    
D.O.B.:   10th May 2013

Mother:  Cancoonz Georgia (Pickle)
Father:   Rockoon Tomas Sawyer (Of Koonskau)
D.O.B.:   7th May 2013

Mother:  Koonskau Tullamore Dew (Tully)
Father:   Kassaro Obberon (Of Koonskau)
D.O.B:    5th May 2013

Mother: Voxkoonz Ffion (Fi)
Father: Dotcom Fmaiky Junior (of Koonskau)
D.O.B:  14th April 2013

The Lion King Litter
Koonskau New Jersey Devil (Nala)
                   Kassaro Obberon
(of koonskau)

The Peppers

D.O.B.:        2012
Parents:     Koonskau Calgary Flame (Chilli)
                  Kassaro Obberon (of Koonskau)

The Spaceships Litter
D.O.B.:         2012
Parents:       Koonskau Tullamore Dew (Tully)
                     Kassaro Obberon

D.O.B.:        2011
Parents:      Koonskau Tullamore Dew (Tully)
                   Kassoro Obberon


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