D.O.B.:             14th April 2013
Parents:           Voxkoonz Ffion (Mother)- Black Tortie Tabby
                        Dotcom Fmaiky Junior (Father)- Silver Tabby
Colour:             Cream Silver Tabby
Gender:            Male
Pet Name:         Silver


Other info:        Silver is an adorable boy who wins the hearts of everyone who meets him.  He was unfortunately born with a deformity in one of his front legs where the bones had not formed properly in the womb.  This meant that he was never able to use the leg, but he didn't let it stop him and adapted to only 3 legs soon being able to run and jump with his brother and sister.  The decision was taken at 3 months that the best thing was to amputate the leg so that it didn't cause further problems in the future.  He has soon recovered from the surgery and he is a lovely friendly boy who loves to run around, climb and jump like everyone else.  He has been neutered and will remain with us as a special forever boy :)

Soon After Birth

10 days old

4 weeks old

5 weeks old

Aged 4 months and fully recovered from his operation

November 2013
Now aged 7 months old
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