Jenny's Girls and Boy

When I first started breeding my mum, Jenny, had one of our kittens from Tully's first litter Belle (Cancoonz Oregon).  Since then she has had several breeding Maine Coons and so I thought it would be sensible for her to have her own page and section for her cats and kittens :)


Cancoonz Oregon

Pet Name:     Belle
D.O.B.:          22nd October 2011
Colour:          Blue
Parents:        Koonskau Tullamore Dew (Tully)-Mother
                     Kassaro Obberon- Father

Belle is a beautiful blue solid girl.  She was one of Tully's first kittens and is full littermate to Pickle.  She has a stunning thick coat and is a real beauty.  The intention was that she would hopefully have some lovely kittens.  However Belle had other ideas and never became pregnant so the decision was to have her neutered.  She now lives with Jenny as a neuter girl :)

Koonskau New Jersey Devil

Pet Name:     Nala
D.O.B.:          16th December 2011
Colour:          Red Tabby
Parents:        Rockoon Pixiebelle- Mother
                      Rockoon Tomas Sawyer- Father

Nala is a lovely laid back girl with very lion like features.  She is a friendly girl who likes attention.  She has been a good mum and has had two litters of kittens.  She is mum to Kiara.  She is full sibling and littermate to Chilli.

Cancoonz Kiara

Pet Name:  Kiara
D.O.B.:       3rd January 2013
Colour:       Black Tortie
Parents:     Koonskau New Jersey Devil (Nala)- Mother
                   Kassaro Obberon - Father

Kiara is a very stunning and striking girl.  She has strong features and while still growing is going to be a very big girl.  She is a friendly girl who like her mum likes attention.  She enjoys the company of the kittens and hopefully will make a good mum herself when the time is right :)


Pet Name:      Kovu
D.O.B.:           10th May 2013
Colour:           Red Tabby
Parents:         Koonskau Calgary Flame (Chilli)- Mother
                       Koonskau Golden Gate (Simba)- Father

Kovu is a lovely boy.  He is friendly and sociable and likes nothing more than a lap to curl up on.  He is going to be a big boy once full grown. He is daughter of Chilli and full sibling and littermate to Yoda.  It had been intended that he might be a stud boy in future but those plans have changed and he is now a neutered pet :)

Pet Name:      Silver
D.O.B.:           14th April 2013
Colour:           Red Silver Tabby
Parents:         Voxkoonz Ffion (Fi)- Mother
                       Dotcom Fmaiky Junior- Father

Silver is a lovely young boy who is growing into a large cat.  He was sadly born with a deformity in one of his front legs and so had to have it amputated when he was three months old.  However he does not let it hold him back and is always running and jumping :)
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