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Name:          Koonskau Tullamore Dew
D.O.B:          24th June 2010
Pet Name:    Tully
Colour:         Brown Tabby and White
Parents:       Dotcom Fmaiky Junior (father)- Silver Tabby Classic
                    Koonskau Erin Gobraugh (mother)- Tortie Tabby and White

Thank you Koonskau for such a lovely girl!

Kitten Litters:

American State Litter- 2011
Spaceship Litter-  2012
Florida Sports Litter- 2013
Elven Litter - 2014

Tully aged 14 months

Aged 1 year

March 2012

Tully with her not so little daughter Pickle who is now 4 months old

Tully with her new babies in August 2012

June 2013
Tully is now 3!

Sleepy Tully
November 2013

April 2014

April 2015

Tully is a lovely girl and a great addition to our family, she is now five years old.  She has a great nature and is playful with the other cats.  She enjoys hanging out with her human friends and has a very loud purr!!!  She has recently been spayed having produced some lovely litters of kittens and is a fantastic mother.
  She is a naughty girl though and is often the ring leader in the mischief making! 

She is mum to Pickle and grandmother to Womble and Crumble :)

Personality:  Tully is a gorgeous girl.  She is our foundation queen and very much the leader of the pack.  She is definitely at the top of the hierarchy and makes sure that the other cats know it!  She is extremely laid back and very gentle.  She loves having a cuddle and will happily lie across your chest.  She loves to nuzzle your ear which is a little bit strange and likes to give people a kiss.  She also loves the smell of fresh washed wet hair which she will loudly sniff.  She is like a big floppy rag doll and is happy to be carried around.  Tully has a lovely soft brrr purr.  However don't let her laid back personality fool you, she is a mischievous monkey and is usually the ring leader in any trouble making.  She can open doors, both room and cupboard.  She has big paws which she is very dexterous with so nothing is safe from her, she also likes to eat with her paws, and if we are sat eating dinner you will often see a big snowy paw reach onto the table and grab something from your plate!  She does have a very annoying habit of licking plastic, anything she finds that's plastic she has to lick!

Looks:  Tully is a brown classic tabby and white.  She has incredible soft fur.  She has big tufted ears and large round eyes leading to us nicknaming her the owl, particularly as she seemingly turns her head 360 degrees!  She has big white tufted paws.  She has long legs leading to her being quite gangly when she runs.

Favourite Toy:  Anything with feathers or catnip!

Likes:  Being cuddled, playing and having babies.

Dislikes:  Being told off!

Friends:  To be fair she is not the most social of cats and whilst she tolerates the other cats she doesn't have a particular friend group.  She does love Custard though :)

Foes:  She hates our poor old moggy, Tigger :(

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