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Name:          Cancoonz Cayenne
D.O.B.:         29th December 2012
Pet Name:    Rhubarb
Colour:         Black Tortie Smoke
Parents:       Koonskau Calgary Flame-Chilli (Mother)- Red Silver Classic Tabby
                    Kassaro Obberon (Father)- Blue Solid

Kitten Litters:

Sherlock Litter - 2016

Rhubarb aged 4 weeks

Aged 7 weeks

13 weeks old

6 months old

Aged 9 months old

November 2013
11 months old

December 2013

May 2014

April 2015

Rhubarb is a lovely but naughty girl!  She loves getting into mischief and is a typical 'naughty tortie'.  She is a sweet natured girl....mostly but is very loud.  She loves to talk, more than anyone else and has an extremely loud meow.  She has incredibly long whiskers and long flowing fur.  She is a large girl. 

Rhubs is daughter of Chilli and half sister to Yoda and Pickle.

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