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Name:          Cancoonz Georgia
Pet name:     Pickle
D.O.B.:         22nd October 2011
Colour:         Blue Solid and White
Parents:       Kassaro Oberon (Father)- Blue Solid
                     Koonskau Tullamore Dew (mother)- Brown Tabby and White Classic

Kitten Litters:

Batman Litter- 2013

Brother Bear Litter - 2014

Aged 4 weeks

Pickle aged 6 weeks

Aged 10weeks

Aged 11 weeks

Pickle now aged 4 months
March 2012

Aged 5 months
March 2012

June 2012 aged 7 months, she really is growing
into a stunning cat and already
is almost as big as her mum!!

June 2012 aged 7 months

Now aged 10 months old and a big beauty.  She already is a very large girl weighing 5kg

January 2013, now aged 15 months
she has grown into a lovely young girl

Pickle with Yoda
October 2013
Pickle is now 2!

April 2014

June 2014

Pickle is certainly living up to her name.  She is always into mischief, she likes climbing especially in places she isn't allowed!  She enjoys eating chicken and Maine Coon cat biscuits but she definitely does not like wet cat food!  She likes getting up on the table and eating off your plate whether you have finished or not.  Her best friends are Chilli and Gizmo.
  She is daughter of Tully and mum to Womble, Crumble and Koda.  She is the largest of the girls and weighs almost 7kg!

Personality:  Pickle is a funny little character.  She was from our very first litter of kittens to Tully and her and Tully have remained close ever since.  In fact Tully allowed Pickle to continue feeding from her until she was 6 months old!  She is definitely not a cuddly cat but she does like to sit with or near you and enjoys curling up on anyone's bed.  She likes to play and will happy chase anything with a feather or ball.  She also likes the lazer pointer.  She is extremely smart and can open cupboards to get things out.  She is also know to bring her empty biscuit bag to you to let you know that they are gone.  She likes getting into high places and will often by found at the top of the cat tree, or fridge and bookcase!  She loves drinking tea and will dip her paw into a cup and then lick it off which creates rather a mess.  She hates wet cat food and will only eat fresh food or cat biscuits. She also eats her food with her paw.  Despite the fact she enjoys a fuss and will happily let you rub her head and will roll around she never purrs.

Looks:  She is a stunning solid blue and white with white paws, white chin and white bib.  Her fur is very thick and incredibly soft.  She has a big bushy tail and large lynx tipped ears and tufted feet.

Favourite Toy:  Lazer pen, ribbons and feathers

Likes:  fresh cooked chicken, raw mince

Dislikes:  wet cat food, other cats kittens

Friends:  Gizmo, Tully, Chilli, Custard

  Chilli (when she has got kittens!) and anyone else who ticks her off!

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