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Name:                    Cancoonz Two Face
D.O.B.:                   7th May 2013
Pet Name:              Crumble
Colour:                   Black Tortie Smoke
Parents:                 Cancoonz Georgia (Pickle)-Mother-Blue Solid and White
                               Rockoon Tomas Sawyer- Father- Red Solid

Kitten Litters:       

Aged 2 weeks May 2013

aged 6 weeks

aged 9 weeks

Aged 12 weeks

Now 4 months old

4 1/2 months old

October 2013
5 months old

November 2013
6 months old

10 months old

11months old

1 year old :)

April 2015

Crumble is a lovely sweet natured girl.  She is not the most energetic of cats unless playing with her little sister Koda!  She loves fusses and likes to pad you which can be painful as she has incredibly sharp claws!  She is two years old and has grown into a beautiful young lady who we are hopeful might produce some equally lovely kittens.