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Name:            Koonskau Calgary Flame
DOB:              16th December 2011
Pet Name:      Chilli
Colour:           Red Silver Tabby
Parents:         Rockoon Pixiebelle (mother)- Tortie Silver Tabby
                      Rockoon Thomas Sawyer (father)
- Red Tabby Classic

Thank you so much to Clare and Nick at Koonskau for our lovely girl :)

Kitten Litters

Chilli Pepper Litter-  2012

The Avengers Litter- 2013

X-Men Litter - 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy Litter - 2015

Chilli aged 7 weeks
January 2012

Aged 15 weeks
March 2012

June 2012 aged 5 months
Chilli is growing into a stunning girl. 
She has a classic maine coon square jaw with beautiful tufted ears

Now aged 7 months and turning into a stunning girl :)

Its a hard life being a cat!!!
Aged 8 months

Now aged 9 months and still as cute as
ever with her little bushy eyebrows!

Aged 10 months

Sleepy Chilli!  Aged 11 months

January 2013, Chilli is now 13 months old

March 2013

October 2013

January 2014

April 2015

is a gorgeous girl who has been a fabulous mum and friend.  She has recently been spayed having given us four lovely litters of kittens.  She is a funny girl, full of mischief and loves to play.  She is also a very affectionate girl who loves to purr especially when she gets a head rub :) 

Chilli is mum to Yoda, Kovu and Rhubarb.

Personality:  Chilli is an absolute star.  She won our hearts the minute we saw her.  She is extremely playful and makes us laugh constantly with her antics.  She is mischievous and we know she is about to do something silly as she tilts her head to one side.  Chilli is amazingly laid back at the same time, nothing scares her and she takes life in her stride.  She is very a big talker and will constantly chirp at you especially if you stroke her.  She also purrs for England!  She lies on her back when relaxed with her paws folded like a little otter and likes having her belly rubbed.  She will also stand on her back legs like a meercat which she can do indefinately standing completely still :)  She is absolutely crazy too and loves chasing around to let off energy. She is full of beans and behaves like a kitten but is loving and a sweetheart :)

Looks:  She is a red classic silver tabby with a beautiful long silky coat.  She is a big girl, already almost 5kg and only just a year old.  She has the most amazing tufted feet and beautiful lynx tips.  She has very long straight white whispers and stunning large brown eyes.

Favourite Toy:  She loves playing and her favourite toys are sticks with feathers, anything else with feathers and the lazer light pen which she can hear you pick up even if you are downstairs and she is asleep upstairs!

Likes:  Food, she loves all food especially chicken and biscuits.  She is not at all fussy.  She also loves playing and being around people.

Dislikes:  Being hungry!

Friends:  She gets on with everyone usually although occasionally has a falling out.  She loves our neuter boy Custard especially when she is calling!

Foes: Tully is the cat she gets on least well with and they will have an occasional fist fight!

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