Here you can find details of our beautiful girls.  Look out for news soon on other girls joining us.

Hamshill Silver Fox
Pet Name: Gizmo
DOB: 20th August 2010
Colour: Silver Tabby

Other info:  Gizmo is our neuter girl.  She is a stunning cat with beautiful markings.  She loves playing and enjoys playing with a ball and also playing fetch with her favourite toys!  She came to us after the sad loss of her sister Stitch

Koonskau Tullamore Dew
Pet name: Tully
DOB: 24th June 2010
Colour:  Brown Tabby and White

Other info:  Tully is a lovely little girl with a soft nature and coat to match.  She is affectionate but playful and likes to curl up with you.  She is an excellent mum and has recently had 6 kittens.  She is also mum to Pickle and Belle

Cancoonz Georgia

Pet name: Pickle
D.O.B. : 22nd October 2011
Colour: Blue Solid and White

Other info:  Pickle is one of our babies from the American State litter.  She will be joining our other girls next year or 2012 in our breeding program.  She is very friendly and playful!  She has recently had 3 beautiful kittens.
She is sister to Belle

Koonskau Calgary Flame

Pet Name: Chilli Pepper
DOB: 16th December 2011
Colour: Red Silver Tabby

Other info:  Chilli is an adorable addition.  She is full of fun and love.  She enjoys playing and chasing around.  She likes running and jumping.  She is also very loving and likes nothing more than to curl up on your shoulder and purr!  She is sister to Nala

VoxKoonz Tequila Sunrise

Pet Name: Tek
D.O.B.  June 2011
Colour:  Cream Smoke

Tequila is a stunning girl.  She is already large at just over a year with strong features.  She is a bit shy but is getting used to us now.

Cancoonz Cayenne

Pet Name:        Rhubarb
D.O.B.:            29th December 2012
Colour:            Black Tortie

Other Info:  Rhubarb is a lovely little kitten.
She is daughter of Chilli and is becoming a
fantastic little girl.  She is very playful but
extremely friendly and has an almighty purr!!!

Cancoonz Two Face

Pet Name:    Crumble
D.O.B.:        7th May 2013
Colour:        Black Tortie

Other Info:  Crumble is an adorable purring friendly little girl. 
She is the mirror image to Rhubarb and is Pickle's daughter.

Pet Name:            Yoda
D.O.B.:                10th May 2013
Colour:                Red Tabby

Other info:  Yoda was a tiny baby weighing just 60g at birth
and wasn't really expected to survive.  But dedication from
us and her lovely mum Chilli she has grown into a lovely (if tiny!)
little girl who is a feisty little character who loves to get stuck in. 
She is very playful and loves chasing around but she also loves
to curl up on your lap and purr.  She will remain with us as
a special pet :)

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