About Us

We live and breathe cats!

We share our home with these magnificent animals who are very much part of our family.  We breed the Maine Coon as a hobby and aim to produce large, healthy kittens typical of the type.   Our kittens are excellent examples of the breed with beautiful brush like tails, large tufted feet and large furred ears complete with the characteristic lynx tips.

Our cats all live in the house with us (including our stud boy who has his own room).  I do not believe in caging cats and therefore our cats and kittens are never kept in cages even for a short time.  Kittens are born in one of the bedrooms and then at 4 weeks are introduced to the rest of the household to ensure that they are friendly, well socialised and used to people and other cats.  All of our 'big' cats are very social to one another and it is not uncommon to find 4 or 5 curled up together in a big pile on a bed somewhere!

As all our cats are very much part of our family they remain with us all their lives, not just for the time they are able to produce kittens, unlike many other breeders.  This includes girls who cannot breed or are not suited to it, they are still very much welcomed in our home.  I certainly couldn't have a cat for 4 or 5 years and then discard her :(  Therefore you can be rest assured that the mother of any kitten you have from us will continue to live with us for the rest of her life.

We are a close knit family and our cats and kittens are part of it.  My husband and I have been married for 19 years and have 2 wonderful teenage children doing their GCSE's and A-Level courses.  I work as an Education Research Officer for the local authority and my husband is a business manager.  As we are a working family as well as wanting to make sure our kittens have the best start in terms of socialising and giving them plenty of attention we only have a few cats and aim for a few litters each year and ideally only 1 litter at a time.  This means we get to spend lots of quality time with each of the kittens to ensure they are happy and full of mischief ready for their new homes.  We also share our home with 2 elderly moggies, Tigger and Treacle :)

We feed our cats on a mixture of foods.  They have 2 meals a day of a quality wet food such as Bozita or Applaws and then free access to dry food including James Wellbeloved Kitten and Royal Canin Maine Coon 31 and Kitten 36.  We also feed fresh chicken or turkey daily, including raw chicken mince a couple of times a week.   It is not recommended to feed cats on an exclusive dry food diet due to associated problems with bladder stones etc, particularly in male cats as cats tend not to drink alot.  Due to the high quality feeding regime we do not routinely supplement their diet with extra vitamins etc. We also make sure there is food and water both upstairs and downstairs so that it is always close by if they are hungry.  All our cats and kittens are fully litter trained and we have open large cat litter trays and use wood pellet cat litter. 

To keep the cats entertained we have a variety of toys and games for them to play with, and ledges and cat trees to satisfy their climbing instincts.  That doesn't stop them of course from jumping on top of a wardrobe or the fridge!  Of course cardboard boxes remain a firm favourite and we always have a variety of different size boxes lying around the house for them to jump in, climb on or just generally destroy. 

Many of our cats come from champion and grand champion show lines.  At this time we do not show our own cats as I prefer not to put them through the stress of preparing for a show and the long day of appearing and performing.

We welcome visitors even if you are not interested in purchasing a kitten and we love to hear about our past kittens and how they are getting on.

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